Maester Jabari

Maester in service of the Aduro household


Agility 2

Animal handling 2

Athletics 1

Awareness 3

Cunning 4 (Memory 1B / Decipher 1B)

Deception 2

Endurance 3

Fighting 2

Healing 5 (Diagnose 1B / Treat Ailment 1B / Treat Injury 1B)

Language 3 (Common Tongue 3)

Knowledge 4 (Education 2B / Research 1B) + 4 points from Maester quality

Marksmanschip 2

Persuasion 3 (Convince 1B)

Status 4 (Stewardship 1B)

Stealth 2

Survival 2

Thievery 2

Warfare 2

Will 3 + 4 points from Maester quality

Knowledge focus: treat any bonus dice assigned to the speciality as test dice
- History & legends
- Alchemy

Maester: Add a number equal to your cunning ranks to all knowledge & will test results. No other fate qualities can be taken.


Kept company of a famous individual (Archmaester Pylos, who is specialised in the study of rare diseases and thought me my healing qualities).

Goals: Knowledge

Motivation: Duty

Virtues: Devoted

Vices: Cowardly

Maester Jabari

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