Sands of Blood

Rumours, gossip and headlines collected by Idris #4

Party at Flowbank

  • Grand Feast at Flowbank Manor is the place to be for the local nobility!
  • Sloppy Silver Spear underdressed for event.
  • Maester Jabari doubles as Handmaiden to Alliandra.
  • House Aduro negotiates favorable deal to expand ventures with Malik Ibn Harm fo the Iron Bank.
  • Silver Spear name origin revealed: his spear moves so fast that light reflects, giving the illusion of flowing silver.
  • Male nobility intoxicated by arrival of mysterious Esa
  • Damian has brutal confrontation with Selkan over Esa, as Idris runs away with the prize.
  • Damian the Impaled is Damian the Disabled for the remainder of the party.
  • Ivon uncomfortable and anxious during party, as if waiting for something.
  • Idris spotted with Ivon’s ring: traitor or double agent?
  • Alliandra protects male nobility from Esa at every turn and Esa gives up.
  • Lord Flowbank not murdered, which is always good. Ivon leaves disappointed, facts unrelated.
  • Despite winning the bout, Damian the Disabled is restricted to a carriage as Selkan rides off.



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