Sands of Blood

Rumours, gossip and headlines collected by Idris #5

Harbor construction begins

  • Iron Bank loan terms revealed: 2000 Golden Dragons repaid over 2 years with a 1 month grace period at 10% interest
  • Lord Aduro returns from Godsgrace
  • Jon Arryn dead!
  • Damian and Lukan visit a bar – bar fight ensues
  • Renowned hunter Osprey fights alongside House Aduro
  • Sandkeep known for its hospitality, opens doors to commoner Osprey
  • Harbor workers disgruntled, granted request to build own bar away from town
  • Osprey and Damian go on a hunt and are almost eaten by Sand Lions
  • Nearby Septa travels great distance to complain about harbor workers
  • Rogues attack harbor workers at night, nine dead and one taken.
  • Harbor workers want to take justice in their own hands! Lukan and Idris say No.
  • Harbor workers disgruntled. Part of the Harbor burns down. Incidents unrelated.
  • Could your friendly neighbourhood Bakker be the head of a secret criminal society? The answer may surprise you!
  • House Aduro looking to expand essential services of Glasstown and invest in Escorts through Gram.
  • Three new arrivals from distant towns attracted by rumours of work. Idris denies knowing any of them and finds the allegations that they are spies absurd.



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