Sands of Blood

Rumours, gossip and headlines collected by Idris #6

Court of the Vulture/Osprey

  • Lands of House Aduro descend into Lawlessness
  • The people demand a sept! Master of Coins says septs are expensive. Alliandra hesitant.
  • Grand tournee of the Hand at King’s Landing. Eveyone wants to go but it is a bit far.
  • Rumours of a distant Targaryon-Dothraki alliance.
  • Sandkeep opens doors to Nightswatch Selmon.
  • Two dock workers killed!
  • Stone knife, used to lead the first Aduro revolt, found at the scene.
  • Hidden animalistic cult revealed.
  • Four individuals arrested – questioning ongoing.
  • Alliandra confronted by Ronan’s resolute tongue.
  • Gerard the Bakker happens to find the evidence that shows that four cultists, and only four cultists, were responsible.
  • Rumours that Gram is selling information to Gerard



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